Welcome to the Data-Slates!

Hello everyone, my name is General but in the 40k wargaming community I go by “Inquisitor Vuln”. I am a Warhammer Wargamer from New York City. I started tabletop wargaming at the beginning of 8th edition 40k, but I’ve been a fan of Warhammer 40k since I was in middle school. While I enjoy miniature wargaming and modelling overall, I am almost exclusively invested in the Games Workshop Warhammer brand and universe.

Though I started in 40k, with the help of friends I expanded into a variety of specialist games including Kill Team, Warhammer 30k Age of Darkness, Battlefleet Heresy Tabletop, and recently I have begun to explore Age of Sigmar and a few AU projects. I am a huge fan of Warhammer 40k/30k setting and I enjoy the various aspects of the hobby to participate in the setting. Im not the best of painters, but I make up for it with enthusiasm!

The three most important active aspects of the Warhammer wargaming hobby for me are the ability to create a story or narrative on the tabletop, creating my own armies that can fit into the overall narrative through interacting with the setting, and miniature photography. Combining these things resulted in my love for “fluffy” narrative or Open Play games of Warhammer in which I can create an exciting and memorable gaming experience for myself and my opponent, and in which I can take cinematic battle pics of our miniatures on the tabletop.

This blog is the result of these three aspects of the hobby that I love. Thank you for following me on my wargaming journey. The Emperor Protects and the future is successor!


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