The Zahirah Sector: Map and Guide

Here is the map of the Zahirah Sector, which will be the setting for all narratives within the Zahirah Sector narrative.

The Zahirah Sector itself is within the Eastern Fringe of Imperial Space. The Zahirah Sector is composed of 3 subsectors: The Philophrosyne Subsector, the Zulup Subsector and the Epimetheus Subsector.

Each sphere on the map represents a system within one of the subsectors. The brown/orange spheres represent systems that are generally (and cooperatively) held by the Imperium of Man. Grey Spheres represent that the systems that are controlled by the Mechanicus Priesthood of Triplex Phall. Red Spheres represent the Systems controlled by the Mechanicus Priesthood of Mars, and Green Spheres are Necron Tombworld systems belonging to the Necron Empire.

With this information in mind, an observer of the map can make the correct assumption that the Philophrosyne Subsector is the representation of the Imperium of Man in this setting, while the Epimetheus subsector is mostly the Dynastic territory of the Necron Empire. Each subsector has its own history, and all are tied together. Events happening in one system or subsector ripple outward and have effects in other subsectors in a way that makes the Zahirah Subsector a living narrative system.

Each Sphere is a system that will be getting its own system map, depending on how much is known of the system by Imperial Forces. This means that much of the Epimetheus subsector systems will not be mapped, as Imperial Forces have not traveled that far into Necron dominated space for a variety of reasons.

To the North of the Zahirah Sector is the Strife System, my friend Lord Strife’s narrative system. To the South is the Gojira Sector, my friend Nathan’s narrative system. Though they are independent systems from the Zahirah sector, I game frequently with them and so these games that I play with them have a context that relates to my setting while still being able to apply in the current 40k setting to some degree.

In my following blogs, I will go over some of the history and environments of the systems and subsectors. Thank you for reading!


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