The Philophrosyne Subsector: “Worlds of Man”

The Philophrosyne Subsector is considered the safehaven of the Zahirah Sector. It is composed of three Systems: Arcka, Galatea and Janus. The Arcka System is where the majority of humanity resides in the sector. On the Arckan Hive reside billions. The world has two moons, one the abode of the planetary governor and the nobles of Arcka, the other; an off world penal colony for those that break the laws on Arcka.

Being that the desert-like Arckan Hive cannot produce sustenance, the system has an Astro-botanical station on which the food is grown and produced called “Imperial Station Alpha”. Imperial Station Beta is a void based communications hub and monitor system. Last but not least, there is MU, the Forge World Minoris. Though it is the domain of the Mechanicus whom are aligned with Triplex Phall, it is the martial center of the entire subsector as it is the command headquarters of Battlefleet Zahirah. Battlefleet Zahirah is the War fleet of the Zahirah Sector and is composed of the Arckan Astra Militarum troops and assets, combined with the Mechanicus fleet. In Mu’s Iron Ring, the fleets ships are born and reborn again and again, as the defence of the Zahirah Sector demands.

The Galatea System is the Gem of the Philophrosyne Subsector. All of the planets in this system have material value in the form of precious minerals, metals or gases. As such, it is the wealth of the entire sector and consequently its source of economy. While a large portion of the citizenry stay in the Arckan Astra Militarum after their mandatory 6 Month service, the majority of them become Miners who earn a living on Arcka by traveling to the Galatea system on Transport ships to mine for resources. These resources they submit to the Adeptus Mechanicus in exchange for credits, with which they use to build a life on Arcka. Though it is hard work, every Arckan understands the Importance of this process. During their Manditory service in the Arckan Astra Militarum, they experience why these resources need to be mined for and submitted to the Mechanicus. It is through their direct efforts that the Battlefleet Zahirah remains strong. This instills a sense of pride in all Arckans and enables them the ability to live a comfortable life on the Arckan Hive.

The last system in the Philophrosyne Subsector is the Janus System. Composed of only two worlds, the Janus System is the smallest of the systems and the oldest in the Subsector. The World of Aura is a feudal world of forests, hills and mountains. Its Hive Cities have the visage of castles intermingled with ancient, though comparatively primitive technology, its Imperial Guard Regiment are clad in knight like armor and their citizenry live simple lives as farmers and landscapers. The Aurans were the first to settle in the Philophrosyne subsector, are a stubborn and independent peoples, and have strong traditions which they adhere to as a source of Identity.

Though it has its own governing body, and its own Imperial Guard Regiment- called the Auric Imperial Guard– it remains under the rule of the Arckan Nobles but is given the respect that they demand. The population on Aura exists in its own microcosm, the Auric regiment frequently eliminating orks in the forests of the world which is riddled with Ork spores, making this fight continual. Whole generations on Aura live and die without ever leaving their world or knowing much of what goes on in the rest of the subsector or sector as a whole.

The second planet in the Janus System is Evolvis Prime. If Aura could be said to represent the beginning of mankinds mastery over nature, Evolvis Prime illustrates the opposite. It is a Jungle World that teems with dangerous fauna. Not only this, but the extreme environment on the world has produced a planet with the largest population of abhumans in the entire Imperium of Man. Ogryn, Neandors, Pelagors, Beastmen, ratlings and many more all exist on this world warring with eachother for survival. Even feral xenos have found a home on this world, such as Orks, Kroot and many other unknown species.

Evolvis Prime is perhaps the most dangerous world in the Philophrosyne Subsector but it is also one of the most valuable. Before it was reclaimed by natures might, early in the subsector’s establishment; it was a world that belonged to the Mechanicus. It is unknown why it was abandoned by the Mechanicus but throughout the planet, hidden amongst the jungles of the world are Mechanicus ruins which hold the secrets to the worlds- and possibly even the subsectors- past. Multiple expeditions of the world are underway by the Mechanicus, with the military might of the Zulupian Predators Astra Militarum to assist them. The Zulupian Predators are a regiment fully composed of the Leonicine peoples , whose ancestors paved the way for the existence of the Philophrosyne subsector and whose dead still protect it from among the stars. Though no other forces are allowed on the world, the leonicines are given specific access in this ongoing conflict.

Above all administrative decree of the Philophrosyne Subsector and at equals with the powers that be in the Zahirah Subsector as a whole; is the Fringe Conclave of the Inquisition, led by the Lord Inquisitor Hunter Vuln from his immense black ship ” The Sword of Night”.

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