The Zahirah Sector : Introduction

It is the 41st Millennium. It is a time of schism.

After spending many millennia in Stasis due to a grievous wound inflicted by his traitorous brother, the Primarch Roboute Guilliman has risen . It is celebrated throughout the Imperium as if the Emperor himself has returned. However, the circumstances of his return are unnatural and were accomplished with the aid of the Aeldar Xenos. The returned Primarch is looked upon with distrust and suspicion by those of power and influence in the upper Echelons of the Imperium.

Upon returning, Guilliman dons the title of Lord Commander of the Imperium for a second time, officially disbanding the High Lords of Terra and becoming the sole ruling power of the Imperium of Man- second only to the Emperor, who sits in a near death state on the Golden Throne and whose sword Guilliman now carries. Immediately, Guilliman reveals a secret project initiated at the End of the Horus Heresy with the assistance of the Archmagos Belisarius Cawl- The Primaris Marines, Adeptus Astartes who are larger, stronger and faster than the first generation of marines. They are invested with two additional organs created by the Adeptus Mechanicus which add to their abilities. They were given new patterns of Mechanicus-made armor and weapons that far surpass anything made before. Guilliman announces the Indomitus Crusade against the forces of Chaos and the creation of the “Indomitus Legion“, composed of those chapters who upgrade their marines to Primaris via the Rubicon procedure. This forms a schism between the Firstborn and the Primaris marines.

Not all chapters agree with the creation of the Primaries marines, seeing them as an affront to the Emperor’s design. The Minotaurs Chapter are amongst the strongest opposition to the primaries, and openly combat them when possible. Others welcome them wholeheartedly, the Ultramarines and their successors being the first to transition fully into Primaris chapters. Those not part of Guillimans Indomitus legion are cast aside, regulated solely to conflicts against Xenos, barely supported by the Primarch. What’s more, they were seemingly replaced, with the Indomitus Crusade also marking a New Founding, the Indomitus Founding, in which new chapters of Primaris marines were made.

The schism has split the Mechanicus as well, as some Magos view Cawl’s unsanctioned exploration in the advances of technology as heresy. Mars fully sides with Guilliman’s and his Indomitus legion but many Forgeworlds prefer the solace of traditionalism. For this, they are isolated, taken from but rarely given anything. Humanity is more isolated than ever before. Guilliman has turned his attention fully to the war against the chaos forces and the growth of the Indomitus Legion.

Once renowned regiments were simply deducted to Planetary Defence or “Imperial Guard” forces of the world from which they hail. Of all the regiments, the Cadians were chosen as the Auxiliary force of the Indomitus Legion, becoming a void-based Astra Militarum regiment. All others were beneath his immediate attention. With the High Lord’s of Terra disbanded, Imperial sectors are ruled by alliances of local authorities, who in turn answer to the Inquisition. The Inquisition is only barely tolerated by Guilliman, and allowed to continue as they maintain aspects of the Imperium he is no longer focused on.

In this time of schism sectors of space must become as independent as possible while still asserting the dominance of the Imperium over any force which strives to assume otherwise. One of the many imperial sectors that faces this task in this time of divide, is the Zahirah Sector.

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