The Philophrosyne Subsector

The Philophrosyne subsector is considered the safehaven of the Zahirah Sector. It is composed of three Systems: Arcka, Galatea and Janus. The Arcka System is where the majority of humanity resides in the sector. On the Arckan Hive reside billions. The world has two moons, one the abode of the planetary governor and the nobles... Continue Reading →

History of the Zahirah Sector

History of the Zahirah Sector The Zahirah Sector has officially existed since the late 34th-early 35th millennium and its establishment only followed the formation of the powerful Inquisitorial conclave known as the Fringe Conclave by around a century. The Fringe Conclave was formed from a network of Inquisitors from all branches of the Ordo who... Continue Reading →

The Zahirah Sector: Map and Guide

Here is the map of the Zahirah Sector, which will be the setting for all narratives within the Zahirah Sector narrative. The Zahirah Sector itself is within the Eastern Fringe of Imperial Space. The Zahirah Sector is composed of 3 subsectors: The Philophrosyne Subsector, the Zulup Subsector and the Epimetheus Subsector. Each sphere on the... Continue Reading →

The Zahirah Sector Project: The Setting

Two Crusade-Class Cruisers of the Arckan Astra Militarum on patrol in the Galatea System What is the Zahirah Sector Project? The Zahirah Sector Project is essentially a re-writing of the current narrative of 40k, beginning at the return of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman but taking an alternative route of events after that. Due to these... Continue Reading →

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