The Zahirah Sector : Introduction

It is the 41st Millennium. It is a time of schism. After spending many millennia in Stasis due to a grievous wound inflicted by his traitorous brother, the Primarch Roboute Guilliman has risen . It is celebrated throughout the Imperium as if the Emperor himself has returned. However, the circumstances of his return are unnatural... Continue Reading →

The Philophrosyne Subsector: “Worlds of Man”

The Philophrosyne Subsector is considered the safehaven of the Zahirah Sector. It is composed of three Systems: Arcka, Galatea and Janus. The Arcka System is where the majority of humanity resides in the sector. On the Arckan Hive reside billions. The world has two moons, one the abode of the planetary governor and the nobles... Continue Reading →

History of the Zahirah Sector

History of the Zahirah Sector The Zahirah Sector has officially existed since the late 34th-early 35th millennium and its establishment only followed the formation of the powerful Inquisitorial conclave known as the Fringe Conclave by around a century. The Fringe Conclave was formed from a network of Inquisitors from all branches of the Ordo who... Continue Reading →

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